Documentary Photographer

Maciej Dekert


Long Term Documentary Project ·
"EL ARBOL DEL RITMO" · The Rhythm Tree

Link 0.- Project´s Website ( Spanish ) :

Link 1.- Catalog from the Exhibition "El Árbol del Ritmo: Cajón Peruano" CCE Lima, Peru, 2009 (Spanish)

Link 2.- Reportage published in El País Semanal December 2011 "Tres mundos en un Cajón" (Spanish)

Link 3.- Youtube Video from Peruvian TV about the Exhibition "El Arbol del Ritmo: Cajón Peruano" (Spanish)

Down here.- Assets from "El Arbol del Ritmo: Cajón Peruano" performing Peruvian musician COTITO

"Surfing Pregnant" is a GoPro family video performing my wife surfing in Nicaragua with 5 months belly.

Author´s Blog: "Machakito, El Último Mono" Drawings, Pictures and Texts from Maciej Dekert (Spanish)